Why Tour Croydon?

The answer is simple: Croydon is Britain's most interesting town.


In London and yet somehow, not London: At once the "super-suburb" and a city in all but name. 


The entire history of British social, economic and political change from 1066 to the present day is written in its history, its architecture and its people. 


From the power of the medieval church, to the beginnings of trade, from the coming of the railway to birth of aviation, from the post-war experience to the dynamic multi-culturalism of modern Britain; everything that has mattered, or will matter in Britain is to be found within its streets. 


"Croydon: Seriously?"


Maybe this sounds gushing to you. But trust me - it's not. Of course, there is only one way for you to know for sure: joining me on on the UK's most surprising guided tour. 

Your guide,