Croydon: Past, Present and Future - Part II

Following on from Part I, this tour explores parts further afield.


Croydon is unique in London: Like a completely independent city, it has its own suburbs. Unlike most of outer London (which is mostly dependant on central London for employment), vast numbers of people commute into its centre to work, shop, and spend their time in leisure. As a result, it’s developed its own network of dormitory communities; places like Purley, Addington and South Norwood; which are usually described as suburbs of Croydon, not London.


But don’t be fooled into thinking these places are just dormitories, or industrial outskirts. Each of these places has played an important part in national, as well as local history. And it is only once we have seen them that the picture of contemporary britain we began painting in Part I, can be complete.


From the first railways (before the steam engine), to the world’s first international airport (the “charing cross of the skies”, long before Heathrow) to the fine arts and crafts houses of Britain’s wealthiest postcode; the homes of famous foreign dignitaries in times gone by.


Duration (approx.): 3 - 4 hours 

Type: Minibus

Guide: James Naylor

Meeting Point: TBA

Max Attendees: 8

Ticket Price: TBA

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Before joining us on this minibus tour, we recommend you join us on Part I  to thoroughly set this fascinating town in its context.