Croydon: Past, Present and Future - Part I


Croydon is the UK’s most interesting town. Once described as a place that feels like a midlands industiral city in the midst of London's suburbs, it’s a truly unique place that captures, within its history, its architecture and its people, everything that has mattered or will matter about Britain. 

No where else in Britain leads such a dual life: a city and suburb; an important part of the separate country London is fast becoming and at once the archetypal English market town. All with an American style ‘downtown’ attached that isn’t to be found anywhere else in the UK. 

If you want to walk around Britain in an afternoon, this “top-of-the-range” tour is for you. On this tour, you won’t only come face-to-face with Croydon’s fascinating history, its unique place in Britain today or the exciting future it has in store. You’ll find a detailed, inspiring, even epic, living picture of contemporary Britain you can’t experience anywhere else.  

Duration (approx.): 3 - 4 hours

Type: Walking

Guide: James Naylor

Meeting Point: Croydon Visitor Centre

Max Attendees: 10

Ticket Price: £15.00 

Upcoming Dates: Click 'Book Online' to see dates

This walking tour focuses on the town’s urban core. For those who have already joined us on this tour, its second part - focusing on the equally fascinating history that lies in Croydon’s suburbs - comes very much recommended.