Croydon Ghost Walk


Like all places, Croydon has its dark side. Being such an old place, its held by local legend that there are many malevolent spirits stalking its streets and the corridors of its ancient buildings. A trick of the light, hysteria, or things not dreamt of in our philosophy? You decide.


From bad omens to gruesome murders, from industrial accidents to the ghosts of hanged men, we’ll take you on a journey through night time Croydon that you won’t forget.


Duration (approx.): 1 hour - 1 hour 15 mins

Type: Walking

Guide: James Naylor

Meeting Point: Outside Barclays Bank, North End, Croydon Town Centre

Max Attendees: 10

Ticket Price: £9

Upcoming Dates: Winter months only, click 'Book Online' to see dates


Unfortunately, due to light restrictions, this tour can only run during the winter months.