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NEWS - 21.04.14


This summer, we'll be running tours as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival.


To book: Visit the festival site (Tickets become available on the 1st of May on the festival site. They are not available through or the Croydon Visitor Centre).

We provide a wide range of tours.


They range from short themed walking tours to in-depth multi-faceted tours of the entire borough.If you can’t find something here, contact us - we can build the perfect tour for you.

Croydon: Past, Present and Future - Part I


Our deluxe, comprehensive, signature tour of Croydon in two parts.

This first part focuses on Croydon's urban core. 


"Croydon is the UK’s most interesting town. Once described as a place that feels like a midlands industiral city in the midst of London's suburbs, it’s a truly unique place that captures, within its history, its architecture and its people, everything that has mattered or will matter about Britain..."

Croydon: Past, Present and Future - Part II


Following on from Part I this tour explores parts further afield.


"Croydon is unique in London: Like a completely independent city, it has its own suburbs...But don’t be fooled into thinking these places are just dormitories, or industrial outskirts. Each of these places has played an important part in national, as well as local history..."

Historic Old Town


Our whistlestop tour of Croydon's medieval quarter. 


"The biggest misconception people have about Croydon is that it is “new town”. This couldn’t be more wrong. Croydon is an ancient town with an ancient history: the summer residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury for more than six centuries, home to London’s oldest market and a cauldron of the Industrial Revolution..."

The 'Peep Show' Tour


Explore the world of the UK's longest running current sitcom.   


Peep Show...charts the misadventures and twisted, albeit sometimes familiar, neuroses of two ‘friends’ living in a flat on the London Road in Croydon. The first two series of the show were shot entirely on location in the town, and the production regularly returns to film new material..."

Croydon Ghost Walk

Discover the creepy, gruesome side of an ancient town. 


Like all places, Croydon has its dark side. Being such an old place, its held by local legend that there are many malevolent spirits stalking its streets and the corridors of its ancient buildings. A trick of the light, hysteria, or things not dreamt of in our philosophy? You decide...."

The Amazing Civil Service Adventure Tour!


John Lavabre’s tongue-in-cheek tour of Croydon’s proud public sector tradition. 


“Croydon is a town of hidden history and surprising facts. Not the least of them (although, we admit, probably not the most surprising of them either) is that the town is South London’s very own Whitehall…”