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New tour dates at the Croydon Heritage Festival (Mon, 21 Apr 2014)
I’m very excited to announce a new run of public tours this Summer – as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival. With so much work going on at the Croydon Citizen, it’s been very hard for me to offer regular tour dates. We’ve been running quite a few private tours in the meantime – not least for the excellent Save the David […]
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Open House Weekend: Venues that are still open (Wed, 19 Sep 2012)
  Open house weekend ( is a brilliant way to get up close and personal with some national treasures. For one weekend, interesting buildings which would otherwise be mostly closed to the public will throw open their doors. Sadly, as reported in the news, Croydon Council are not participating in the scheme this year. But […]
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Touring Croydon’s Public Sector – Civil Service Fun With John Lavabre (Thu, 05 Jul 2012)
This article originally appeared on the Hillcrest PR blog. John, the force behind Hillcrest, is our new guide. He’ll be running a completely new tour for us – “The Amazing Civil Service Adventure Tour!” – a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek exploration of Croydon’s contribution to the public sector. The first tour takes place this weekend. You can […]
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The Passing of Allders: Last of the Great Croydon Department Stores? (Sun, 17 Jun 2012)
It seems that the Allders may finally be facing its end. Some 300 staff are, very sadly, due to lose their jobs as result. At time of writing this post, no rescue package had been secured and Allders had begun a final closing down sale. The loss of Allders is not only the end of […]
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The Amazing Civil Service Adventure Tour! (Fri, 15 Jun 2012)
We’ve just added a quirky new tour our repertoire; led by our new guide John Lavabre. You can read more about this seemingly mundane, yet fascinating tour here. Book your ticket on the next tour here.
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