We provide a range of tours all over the London Borough of Croydon, exploring its long, rich and often forgotten history.  We only operate tours in very small groups - not normally more than 10 people - led by a highly knowledgeable and entertaining guide. 


Our tours are a fresh, entertaining alternative to conventional Tours of London; which don’t tend to venture out of London’s heart. Because Croydon is only 15 minutes from central London by train, they're very easy to do while you're on a trip to see London’s more famous attractions.

NEWS - 21.04.14


This summer, we'll be running tours as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival.


To book: Visit the festival site (Tickets become available on the 1st of May on the festival site. They are not available through croydontours.com or the Croydon Visitor Centre).

Our current tours include:


Historical walking tours - around Croydon's medieval 'old town', its infamous modernist 'new town' and further afield


Themed tours - such as our 'Peep Show' (Channel 4 sitcom) location tour; see the sites of some of Mark and Jez's most disastrous misadventures  


Corporate tours - bespoke tours for investors/business, focusing on Croydon's economic, demographic and political landscape 

Whatever sort of tour you're interested in, don't hesitate to contact us.